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Have you ever thought “I wish I could adopt them all?” Almost Home has the solution for all of you with a heart bigger than space in your home. By “Pawing it Forward” you can help another family adopt a pet and feel like you really can save them all. Pawing it forward lets you pay the adoption fee for an adoptable pet, allowing another family to adopt free of charge or choose to continue the goodwill and paw it forward for another animal at the time of adoption. How does this help? AHHS must raise 70% of the funds it needs to care for the pets that need our help each year. This is an every day struggle for those at Almost Home and every dollar helps. We’re often overwhelmed with pets in our care and we want to ensure that we can continue to save every adoptable pet and will offer fee-waived or reduced fee adoption events to help us make room for incoming pets. By sponsoring adoptions, you help us continue to have the funds we need to operate while also letting us help the more than 3,000 pets that need our help each year.

On August 18, Almost Home will be participating in Clear the Shelters. It’s a national adoption event and AHHS will be waiving adoption fees for all dogs and cats. We’re hopeful this will help give us some relief from the huge population we’re dealing with right now. We currently have more than 460 pets in our care and with foster parents, which is more than 100 more than we can comfortably handle at one time. We set a record-breaking adoption day at our first Clear the Shelters by adopting 84 pets into new homes during this one day event and we have high hopes for this year!

How can you help? Adopting 84 or more pets would be a huge help to our population issues at the moment, but it also means that adoption sponsors ahead of the event are even more important. First, if you’re looking to adopt a pet, now is the time! We’ve got more than 200 pets available for adoption right now and many more either waiting to finish their stray hold, in medical treatment or out in foster care. Second, if you can’t add another pet to your household right now, considering sponsoring an adoption. You can visit our adoptable pets right on this website and pick out the pet that you would like to sponsor. Lastly, share the news about Clear the Shelters and encourage everyone you know to adopt rather than shop for a new pet.

Ready to sponsor a pet? Stop by the shelter at 1705 S. 2nd St. or call us and we will find you the perfect pet to sponsor.

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