*If you are looking for a lost pet or a Return to Owner via Animal Control (ACO), please ring the doorbell and someone will assist you during our regularly scheduled hours. We provide return to owners everyday of the week*

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  • Clear the Shelters - Followup

    Last Saturday Almost Home participated in Clear the Shelters for the third year. Clear the Shelters is a nationwide adoption event. Thanks to Clear the Shelters, 107 pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and guinea pigs) from Almost Home and more than 92,000 pets across the country found homes on Saturday!

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  • Adopting a pet in college

    Going off to college is an incredibly exciting experience. A new city, new school, friends, food, a new life…

    Once you’ve been in college for a while you develop a whole new friend group different from the one in your life before college. When looking at your life you may notice that not having a pet to come home to is a large hole that you would like filled.

    Before making the choice to adopt a new pet, you should consider your lifestyle. You need to carve time from your day to interact with your new pet. While you are also taking classes, extracurriculars, dating, working, and not sleeping en...

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  • Sponsor a Pet

    Have you ever thought “I wish I could adopt them all?” Almost Home has the solution for all of you with a heart bigger than space in your home. By “Pawing it Forward” you can help another family adopt a pet and feel like you really can save them all. Pawing it forward lets you pay the adoption fee for an adoptable pet, allowing another family to adopt free of charge or choose to continue the goodwill and paw it forward for another animal at the time of adoption. How does this help? AHHS must raise 70% of the funds it needs to care for the pets that need our help each year. This is an every day...

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  • Almost Home Alumni

    Since January of 2017, we have helped more than 2,000 pets find forever homes. We interact with so many pets inside Almost Home Humane Society, but once they leave our doors their new life begins.

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  • We are at Capacity

    Over the last several years Almost Home has consistently shared the message that we want to save every pet that has a chance at a happy, healthy life. It was our mission to achieve a “save rate” that exceeded 90% and we’ve achieved it each year since 2015. Saving more lives isn’t a mission unique to our community, it’s a message that has been spreading across the country but it comes with its own challenges.

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