*If you are looking for a lost pet or a Return to Owner via Animal Control (ACO), please ring the doorbell and someone will assist you during our regularly scheduled hours. We provide return to owners everyday of the week*

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Almost Home believes a microchip is the best form of identification for your pet because it is permanent and cannot be lost like a tag or collar. If your contact information is up to date, a microchip is the quickest way for your pet to get back to you in the event that it is lost.

The chip is NOT a GPS device. Each chip has a unique identification number that is linked to the contact information you have provided. When a veterinarian or animal welfare group finds a lost or missing pet, they use the scanner to read the pet’s chip. They then contact the 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery Team. Once reached, someone from the 24PetWatch team will contact the pet owner with the information provided upon registration and help reunite them with their pet. The 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure not a moment is wasted reuniting you with your lost pet.

Almost Home partners with 24PetWatch to ensure that your pet has the best chance possible of being reunited with you if it becomes lost. For $25 Almost Home will microchip your pet and register the chip. AHHS will microchip your pet during any of our open business hours, Tuesday through Friday 12:00-6:00 and Saturday 12:00-4:00. No appointment necessary!