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Trap, Neuter & Released

Do you know what is defined as a community or feral cat?  These are cats that are living outdoors in your neighborhood and surviving well in their environment.  These are not cats that would be comfortable living in an indoor environment.  The Almost Home Humane Society Trap-Neuter-Return program assists local individuals caring for these cats with altering any unsterilized cats and returning them to their original location.

Why is this program important?  We know that most of the kittens we receive each year are from feral or community cats.  Spaying and neutering these cats will reduce the number of outdoor cats living in our community and also help curb pet overpopulation.  Through this program any trapped kittens that are young enough for rehabilitation will be acclimated to indoor homes.

Are you feeding outdoor or community cats?  If so, Almost Home would like to register you as a Community Caretaker.  Why should you become a community caretaker?

  • As a community caretaker you are officially registered with the City of Lafayette to care for feral cats.
  • Almost Home can provide you with resources to help you better care for the cats that are depending on you.
  • AHHS can provide you with rental traps to help trap your cats and also provide spay or neuter surgeries for the cats
  • AHHS will also help you with supplies like straw and winter housing for your colony

For more information in regards to our TNR program, feel free to email Molly@almosthomehumane.org!


*Our Trap-Neuter-Release program is in accordance with Chapter 10.09 of the Lafayette Animal Control Ordinance.