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Foster Care

Foster Parent Information
Name (First and Last) :
Date of Birth :
Address :
City :
State :
Zip :
Email :
Phone Number :
Secondary Phone :
Household Information
Type of housing :

House Townhouse Duplex Apartment Mobile home
Do You :

Own Townhouse Live with parent Other
If you do not own your home, are you allowed to have animals? :

Yes No N/A
Landlords Name :
Phone :
Number of adults in household :
Number of children :
Ages :
Names of other adults in household :
Does anyone in your home have allergies? :

Yes No (if yes)
Do you have a fenced yard? :

Yes No (If yes, what type of fence)
Where will your foster animals stay when no one is home?
How long would your foster animal(s) be alone per day?
List current pets below :
Species Breed Age Sex Altered?
Male Female Yes Yes
Male Female Yes Yes
Male Female Yes Yes
Male Female Yes Yes
Male Female Yes Yes
Male Female Yes Yes
Are your pets current on vaccinations? Yes No
What vet hospital do you use?
If needed, do you have a way of separating your pets from foster animals?
Foster Care Experience
Why do you want to foster?
Have you foster animals before? if so, for what organization?
Have you cared for sick or injured animals before? If so, describe?
Are you capable of giving medications to an animal is necessary? Yes No
How long are you able to keep a foster animal at a given time?
Please inform us of what animals you are willing to foster below:
Description Yes No
Adult Cat(s)
Mother cat and kittens
Orphaned kittens (bottle fed)
Orphaned kittens (not bottle fed)
Non-contagious skin conditions
Upper respiratory illness
Under-socialized cats(s)/kittens
Description Yes No
Adult Dog(s)
Mother dog and puppies
Orphaned puppies (bottle fed)
Orphaned puppies (not bottle fed)
Non-contagious skin conditions
Upper respiratory illness
Under-socialized dog(s)/puppies
Heartworm positive dog(s)
Additional Information
Have you ever been charged with cruelty, abuse, or neglect of an animal? Yes No
Have you even been charged with possession of illegal substances? Yes No
Are there any factors that may prevent you from fostering an animal that we should know about?
Please read the following statements then write your initials next to each statement to indicate that you have read and understand these statements. Your signature below will indicate that you accept and agree to the following terms and conditi ons.
I understand that fostering for the Almost Home Humane Society does not offer me any preference when bringing in stray and/or injured animals into the shelter. I realize that I must still abide by the state policies regarding intake if any anim als to the Almost Home Humane Society.
I confirm that the information I presented in this application is true and accurate. I also understand that providing inaccurate information orally or written or failure to provide accurate information may pre vent me from becoming a foster parent. Or result in the termination of my status as a foster parent in which I must return my foster animal(s) to the Almost Home Humane Society
I fully understand that foster animals are the property of the Almost H ome Humane Society. As such I agree that any decisions made by the Almost Home Humane Society regarding their care and treatment will be followed by me, including their return.
I agree to hold the Almost Home Humane Society harmless from any liabil ity whatsoever resulting from the fostering of any animal from the Almost Home Humane Society, including, but not limited to, damages for personal injuries or property damage caused by the foster animal(s). Furthermore, the Almost Home Humane Society shall be held harmless should my own pets become ill from my foster animal(s) or injured by my foster animal. will be followed by me, including their return.

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(765) 474-5222

1705 South 2nd Street, Lafayette, IN 47905

Success Stories

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  • Thanks Jannet for your help! Stella is fitting in great! She's so smart and fantastic with our boys!
    Stella's Mom - Adopter
  • Jasper (formerly Echo) was adopted in October and is doing awesome! He keeps the entire family entertained. He has the best personality because nothing ever scares or bothers him. Thank you for a special kitty!
    Jasper's Mom - Adopter
  • Zazzle is enjoying his new home and loves being keeper of the stairs.
    Zazzle's Mom - Adopter
  • Jada fit right in with our family, and seems to be getting comfortable. smile emoticon She is a great dog, and amazing with my 3yr old daughter, which was our main concern. So happy we came and found her yesterday!
    Jada's Mom - Adopter
  • His name was Armond but we named him Biscuit. He is the sweetest, most loving, and patient kitty ever! We have 4 kitties total so he has lots of cuddle and playmates. Plus he loves to curl up with his human servants for plenty of pets and love. Thanks so much to the foster family who took such good care of him when he was a sick kitten. He is a wonderful boy and we love him so! !! Thanks again!
    Biscuit's Mom - Adopter
  • Just wanted to give a two month update to AHHS on Banana! Thanks for helping me find her, she\'s the greatest thing to ever happen to me!
    Sadia Qasome - Adopter
  • In October 2012 I adopted a lab mix puppy named Mel and just want to send some pictures and let you all  know how she/s doing.

    I renamed her Isabelle, Izzy for short, and she gets bigger everyday.  She is the definition of a lap dog and she loves to cuddle.  Within the first few weeks of having her she already learned to sit and shake!  Her first night with me she slept in her kennel the entire night without a peep.(shes the first dog I've had that has done that so i was very excited) We're now working on down, sit, and stay. She loves to rip apart her toys and to eat ice cubes! I am so please with how smart and happy she is.  Her tail is always wagging and she loves to give kisses.  I can't thank you enough for allowing me to adopt such a great dog!
    Izzy/Mel's Mom - Adopter

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