Open Your Heart and Your Home to a Pet in Need.  Foster.


The Almost Home Humane Society foster care program is designed to help the animals in our shelter who need extra time before being ready for adoption. We’re currently looking for people interested in fostering a variety of animals in need, including animals with minor behavior issues, animals in need of medical treatment, puppies and kittens too young for adoption, and moms with puppies or kittens.


Who needs foster care?

Some dogs and cats are nervous or shy here, or may have too much energy for the kennel environment.  Giving these animals foster care helps them to prepare for their new lives. It gives them an opportunity to gain confidence or manners so they can find that perfect someone. If you have a resident dog and would like to give a shelter dog a vacation, we would schedule a time for you to bring your dog to the shelter and meet with our staff so an appropriate match can be made.  Fostering a pet that even just needs a break from the kennels is a huge benefit to AHHS.  Your help as a foster family lets us learn more about that pet and how it behaves in a home situation which improves its adoptability.

Some of our biggest foster needs are foster homes for cats or kittens who have come down with an upper respiratory infection and need a quiet home to recover. The shelter can be a very stressful place for cats, and having a loving foster home to recover helps these animals prepare for their forever homes.  These cats are in need of daily medication (provided by AHHS) and would need to be isolated from your resident felines.

Some pets need a little extra medical care while they are with us. Foster parents can provide a loving, stress-free environment for pets to recover.  Sometimes dogs and cats need a quiet place to recover from surgeries, injuries, or illnesses such as heart worm disease; and need some extra TLC before finding their forever home.

 Puppies and kittens are often brought to our shelter without their mothers while still too young or small for our adoption floor.  These animals need some time to grow before they’re ready to go to their forever homes.  These little ones range in age from a few hours old to several weeks old and require varying amounts of time and commitment.  AHHS staff can help you find a foster pet that best fits your lifestyle.  Anyone willing to foster bottle fed kittens (or puppies) is always a huge help to our foster care program.

We also need foster homes for mama dogs and their puppies.  Although we do not see them as often as we do cats with kittens, we always need foster parents ready in case the need arises.

What do you need to be a foster?

All that is required of our fosters is the willingness to open your heart and your home to a pet in need. Almost Home staff can then help you narrow down the pets available for foster to a pet that is a good fit for your needs, wants and experience level. AHHS provides all supplies necessary for caring for your foster pet.

How do I become a foster parent?

1. Fill out the foster care application below/or in person at AHHS.

2. After reviewing your application, the Foster Care Coordinator will contact you to discuss the program further.


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