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Bottle Babies


515. That is how many kittens 3 months or younger have entered Almost Home since the beginning of this year’s “kitten season” in February. Of the 515 kittens we’ve received, the vast majority have been less than 2 months old and required foster care (497 pets have been placed into foster care this year, mostly kittens). What does this huge number mean? We need your help!

Foster parents are the heart and soul of our organization. They help us care for the most vulnerable pets we receive and they help us save more lives. Want to have a have a direct impact on life-saving? Foster a pet. Many of the kittens we receive are only hours or days old and require round-the-clock care which just isn’t possible in a traditional shelter environment.

We also need more foster parents, but particularly this time of year when our fabulous foster parents have been caring for kittens since early Spring and could use a break. Not able to provide 24 hour care for our tiniest kittens? There are plenty still looking for foster homes that are older and just require love and a place to grow up before becoming adoptable.

Want to become a foster parent? Fill out an application on our “Get Involved” page of the website. We would be happy to find you the perfect match for your needs and best of all, Almost Home provides all the supplies you need to care for your foster pet.

Want to help even more? Encourage all of your friends and family to spay or neuter their pets. Pet overpopulation in our community is real, especially for our cat population and we need your help to solve it. Check out our Pet Resources page on the website for more information on low-cost spay/neuter programs.

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