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FeLV+ Cats Are Amazing Companions


FeLV+ cats deserve love too! We are here to break the bad stigma of FeLV+ cats and showcase how awesome they can be! Feline Leukemia Virus can only be passed between cats and can not infect dogs, people, or other animals. It is transmitted through bodily secretions, such as saliva through mutual grooming, shared toys, bowls, or biting, and feces or urine, such as a shared litter box. The virus, however, does not live outside of the body for long. It weakens the cat's immune system, and makes them more susceptible to other infections and diseases. With proper monitoring and management of weight, food intake, activity level, bathroom habits, and physical appereance, FeLV+ cats can live happy lives! They are also able to live with other FeLV+ cats as well! Your furry soulmate could be one bad stigma! Share this fun info flyer, featuring one of our available FeLV+ cats, with your friends to help spread the word about these amazing felines!

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