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A Day in the Life

When someone hears that I work for the Humane Society, two images seem to come to mind when they envision what the job entails. It varies from a day filled playing with puppies and kittens, to a sad vision of abandoned pets with a Sarah Mclachlan song playing in the background. What is it really like? Today, AHHS staff are working to care for 298 pets that are all in our building and foster parents are caring for an additional 154 pets.

Our everyday at Almost Home is BUSY with a constant flow of new pets this time of year. In the past week, we’ve greeted 56 new pets at Almost Home. Yesterday, most of the new pets we received had needs greater than just sheltering and searching for an owner. We have been inundated with special needs pets in recent weeks and these pets take the attention of every shelter department. From fundraising to cover the cost of special care, to additional time from kennel staff, to consultations with veterinarians throughout the area, we work as a team to get the pets whatever care is necessary to have a good quality of life and a second chance.

As Executive Director, my day started with a meeting with the City of West Lafayette to discuss the shelter and our progress over the past two years of our contract and was followed by preparing our bill pay to ensure that we are able to continue to operate. Throughout the day my task list included everything from checking in with the foster parent of my former office dog to scheduling interviews for open staff positions to seeking rescue for an elderly dog to consulting with animal control and veterinarians about a puppy with a potentially serious illness.

No two days at Almost Home are alike, but what can be guaranteed is that we will spend our days with 100% dedication to saving the pets that need our help. Our staff are overwhelmed right now with the sheer number of pets in our care that need daily attention and we are struggling to care for the number of special needs we’ve received in the last few weeks, but we know that we are making a difference.

Will you help us make a difference? Your support is what keeps us saving the pets that need us the most. Check out the link below to learn how you can help us try to save a puppy that is currently fighting for a second chance at the Purdue Small Animal Clinic.


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